What's coming in nomie 1.5

I've been heads down knocking out a slew of new features for nomie 1.5 and I'm really excited to get it released. I've decided to make 1.5 an important mile marker - this version marks when nomie (the app) has all core features I envisioned way back when I started. So, after this version, I'm going to stop development on the app (except for any glaring bugs of course) for at least 2 months. During this time I will be focusing on building all of the other great tech that will support the app and your data. I'll also be getting the mic back out for some podcasting.

Here's a highlight of what's to come in 1.5.

Today Tab

I've merged the Score tab with the History tab. The resulting love child gives you the ability to quickly adjust any event, while still seeing the bigger picture on how you're doing. The TODAY tab also offers benefits to those who don't use the positive and negative tracking with a new "Records" view with a graph of when you track.


Create your own reminders - set when, how frequent and what the message should say.

New Icons

Icons (and the Board Engine) were the same basic code from the very first version of Nomie. I'm happy to say that Icons, like the Board Engine, have been rewritten for 1.5. Icons are grouped into logical categories with an ok search functionality. In 1.5 there will be over 1,200 icons to choose from.

URL Scheme

nomie://api/track/peed - If you have Nomie 1.5 installed, have a tracker called "Peed" and click the previous link - it will open Nomie and track that you "peed". This opens up a lot of possibilities with website integrations and apps like Tasker and Workflow.

Improved Note View

Improved Tracker Stats Overview

Nomie Marketplace

The once boring Library has been transformed into the Nomie Marketplace. This Marketplace offers an App Store like experience for Trackers, Reminders, and other Resources to help you track and understand yourself better. My goal is to start working with experts and content producers to create Tracker Packs to help guide users.

Private Tracker Packs

Private Tracker Packs are collections of trackers that are not available to all Nomie users. These will be used for all sorts of fun stuff that I'm afraid to share publicly.

New Board Engine

Simply put, the previous board engine (the part that renders the tracker buttons and handles scrolling, tapping, pressing and holding) was SLOW and buggy. I've finally rewritten the whole thing and damn skippy it's fast. This rewrite also helped make searching insanely quick - so no more watching trackers fading out of existence.

Everything Else

  • Less accidental Taps on trackers
  • Redesigned Tracker Option panel (again)
  • Improved Notes view
  • Note times can now be adjusted
  • New Tap animation
  • Search is a lot faster
  • New Tracker "Store" - I'm still working on what to call it.
  • New Brandon's Notes - I can now communicate
  • New hide-able Tips for newbies
  • Tracker Stats Overview design
  • New Tracker Stats VS Design
  • New Cloud Account interface (for syncing)

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