What's coming in 1.5.2

Once again, months have gone by without a blog post, for that I'm sorry - but I assure you Nomie Development continues!

Here's what's in store for 1.5.2

  • Inverse Positivity - Slider trackers can now have a negative dynamic positivity. Meaning if you do this more, the positivity will be less.
  • New Stats View - updated the UI for stats and included charts for Time of day and day of week. Charts also reflect the proper value, not just when you tracked.
  • Unit of Measurement Formatting - various UOMs will now display in their proper formats - for example Dollars being $4.50.
  • Nomie Cloud Apps - Experiments are now Nomie Cloud apps and they are integrated with the Nomie Market.
  • Big Spender - the first official Nomie Cloud App will be Big Spender an app to monitor your spending and keep you within a weekly budget.
  • Balanced Charts when comparing different trackers with wildly different values.
  • Touch ID iOS users will be able to lock Nomie using their Touch ID. Google will follow as soon as they release theirs.

Updated Nomie Market

New Tracker Stats UI (again)

Charts with hugely different values being "Balanced"

Event Logs now contain fully formatted values

Target release date is June 16th.