Wanna get geeky? Setup your own Nomie Sync Server.

This post is a copy of Nomie's Create Sync User README file.

Nomie allows you to track, compare and understand virtually any aspect of your life - with a single press of a button. While Nomie is offline (no central server) it does support syncing with a remote CouchDB server.

Why Sync?

  • Use multiple devices with the same dataset.
  • Never worry about backing up again.
  • You can have your own personal API.

Step 1. Install / Setup CouchDB

  1. Install CouchDB, or use a Hosted service like IrisCouch
  2. Setup an Admin User - once your CouchDB is setup in IrisCouch, click "Add Admin User" in the lower right hand corner.

Step 2. Enable CORS

You'll need to enable CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) on your CouchDB before will accept allow syncing from your Nomie App.

npm install -g add-cors-to-couchdb  
add-cors-to-couchdb http://me.iriscouch.com -u myadminuser -p myadminpass  

Step 3. Add a Nomie Sync User

git clone https://github.com/happydata/nsync-createuser.git  
cd nsync-createuser  
npm install  
node nomie-create-user.js  
  • Provide your Couch DB URL. https://example.iriscouch.com:6984
  • Provide the Couch admin username and password
  • Set the username and password of a new nomie sync user

In Nomie:

  1. Tap the Settings Gear.
  2. Select CouchDB Syncing
  3. Provide Your Credentials
  4. Connect to your beautiful new CouchDB server.