Track your weight with @Withing, @IFTTT and Nomie

A few nights back I was browsing Amazon and stumbled on an $89 refurbished Withing Scale. Yesterday it showed up on my doorstep!

For the price, it's a hella fine scale and once you've installed the app on your phone, setting up the scale is pretty straight forward.

My goal was to have my weight tracked automatically on Nomie each time I step on the scale. Here's how I did it.

What you'll needed

  1. Nomie Pro on iOS or Android - FREE.
  2. Withing Scale and Withing Account
  3. IFTTT Account
  4. Nomie API Subscription
  5. Weight tracker in Nomie

Step 1. Add a Weight Tracker

If you want this newly install tracker on one of your boards, press the + button and select "Add Existing Tracker".

Step 2. Create the IFTTT Applet

Let's create a new applet:


  • Search for Withing
  • If not authenticated, allow IFTTT to access your Withing Account
  • Select Trigger: Body Scale - New Measurement

Withing Body Scale New Measurement


  • For the then that search, and select Maker
  • Select Make a web request

The only thing you need to provide in this form is the URL.{{WeightLb}}

Nomie Request for weight

When finished, press "Create Action".


If all went as planned, the next time you open Nomie your Weight will have been recorded.

Nomie Weight Tracked Button