Track places you visit with @IFTTT and Nomie (automagically)

I track a handful of "places" I visit in order to correlate common locations with everything else I track with Nomie - for example, how Productive am I when working from the Speakeasy.

Productivity at the Speakeasy with Nomie

Clearly manually recording each time you pull up to a place with Nomie isn't ideal. Instead, we're going to use a little IFTTT magic, and automatically track when we arrive at a specific location by posting the data to the Nomie API.

Step 1. Install / Setup Required tools (IFTTT, Nomie, Nomie API)

  1. Nomie Pro on iOS or Android - FREE.
  2. IFTTT Account and the IFTTT iOS or Android App - FREE
  3. Nomie Account with an active API Subscription $4.99 p/year

Step 2. Create a new IFTTT Applet

Once you've created and logged in to your IFTTT account, visit your Applets page, and press "New Applet".

Nomie IFTTT Step 1

Step 3. Add the Location Applet

Search for "Location", and select the Location applet.

Nomie IFFTT Step 2

Step 4. Pick "You enter an Area"

We want our trigger to be fired each time we arrive at this location, so select the "You Enter an Area" trigger. Next, search for the target location.

Nomie IFTTT Step 3

Step 5. Setup the "That"!

Next we need to setup the action for when the trigger is fired. We will be using IFTTT's Maker Applet that allows requests to other online services like the Nomie API.

Nomie IFTTT Step 4

Search for, and select, the Maker Applet

Nomie IFTTT Step 4 search

Nomie Maker

Step 6. "Make a web request" to the Nomie API

Select the "Make a Web Request" action, and provide the URL as described below.

IFTTT Make Web Request

The URL input will need to be to the Nomie API. Make sure to replace YOUR-API-KEY with your actual API Key.  

For example, if you have a tracker labeled "Mom and Dads", your URL would look like: and Dads  

Sending IFTTT to Nomie API

When you're finished hit save.

That's it! Set it and forget it.

Next time you arrive at this location IFTTT will fire off the request to the Nomie API. The Nomie API will then store this data until the next time you open Nomie, which will then save the event locally.

Nomie is free, private and available on iOS and Android

Buy access to the Nomie API for only $4.99 per year (unlimited devices).