Top 10 things people are tracking with Nomie

Here's the top 10 most installed trackers from the Nomie Library.

Disclaimer: Opinions on how to live are mine and mine alone. I'm no Doctor, nor play one on TV. Commentary is provided for informational purposes only.

#1. Drank Water (5.2%)

It was embarrassing how little water I was drinking before Nomie. I'm now drinking around 5 glasses a day, while still too low, its better than before.

#2. Happy (3.9%)

I'll be interested to see if other people find it easy to identify when they are happy in the moment. Over the last 12 months I've realized that it was easier for me to identify the lack of suffering opposed to states of happiness.

Both Sad and Unhappy are on the top 20 list.

#3. Pooped (2.7%)

Long term tracking of your poop schedule can show patterns of illness and food sensitivities.

#4. Depressed (2.5%)

I'm really happy to see tracking of depressive moments is so high on the list. My own tracking of my down times has shown me they are not nearly as long or as frequent as I imagine. Which makes waiting for the storm to clear less stressful.

#5. Meditated (2.3%)

Yes! Yes and yes!

#6. Good Night Sleep (2.1%)

Bad Night Sleep is #21.

#7. Had Sex (2%)

It's fun to compare this stat with your trackers, you'll be amazed how much influence it has on other things in your life.

#8. Peed (2%)


First off it's your best indicator of dehydration.

Secondly, tracking each time you pee gets you in the habit of tracking. [see below]

Lastly, you too can impress your friends with a map of "Everywhere I've Peed in the USA".

#9. Unhealthy Snack (2%)

Snacking is one of my elephant's favorite past-times.

#10. Can't Sleep (1.8%)

If you're continually having issues sleeping - working to discover correlating events to why is hugely important. A lack of sleep jacks the human body in so many ways, that it's hard to be able to tell what's really causing what.

Wrapping it up.

Plenty of studies have shown the benefits of self monitoring and journaling. The hardest part is getting into the habit, but once you get yourself in the routine of whipping your phone out and tapping an icon - you'll have no problem tracking, comparing and understanding virtually any aspect of your life..