Oh lord I suck at updating the blog - and Nomie 1.5.2!

Nomie 1.5.2 is ready to be installed!

I'm happy to announce that Nomie 1.5.2 is ready to be consumed! This version brings, a redonkulous amount of bug fixes, more UI tweaks (per usual) and the introduction of Cloud Apps - well a one Cloud App specifically called Big Spender. Note: You should backup to Dropbox just for safe keeping.

Nomie 1.5.2 for iOS
Nomie 1.5.2 for Android

What's Inside

    • Balanced chart comparisons. Tap the "expand" button, and your charts will become "balanced" with each other - helping you compare trackers that have wildly different amounts of data.
    • Time of day / Day of week charts
    • UOM Display formatting
  • CLOUD APPS Experiments have been renamed to Cloud Apps, and turned up to 11.
  • DROPBOX - Nomie will now ask for permission before it starts backing up to Dropbox.
  • BUG FIXES - Lots of various bug fixes, speed improvements for some Android devices, Improved font sizing on various displays.

Introducing Big Spender

Craving more detail in my spending habits than what Nomie could deliver, I decided to build an experiment I called "Big Spender" to monitor and alert me when I hit a max, and it worked. I became much more aware of spending and even enjoyed the challenge of keeping it under budget. Thats when I realized the power of these "experiments" and decided to rename them, the more appropriate, "Nomie Cloud Apps"

Big Spender allows you to pick a tracker (it should be a Number Tracker), set a weekly budget, and be notified (in-app) when you've reached your budget.

At any time you can run any Cloud App by pressing the play button.

Cloud Apps are Open

My vision is to allow any developer to create and distribute a Nomie Cloud App, without ever talking to me (unless you want to of course). That's why I've released Big Spender as Open Source, and will do the same for other select Cloud Apps.

Not a developer but want your own cloud app? Let's talk about custom Cloud App development! It's one way I feed the family. Contact me here

How can you help?

Wow, I'm really glad you asked! I have been coding this thing for 2 years now all by myself and I realize that I need help to spread the word, as I'm not very good at doing it alone. Here are a few ways you can make a huge different and help grow the Nomie community.

  • Start a Nomie Night - Start a small monthly meetup for people who are struggling with life, but have the drive to figure out why. If you're interested in starting one in your area - send me a message
  • Screenshot, share and talk about your successes socially - Showing others how you use Nomie will be YUGE! Most people are not as aware as you, and need guidance on what and how to track. Lead them!
  • Leave reviews - Reviews are absolutely one of the best ways to help out an App developer like myself. If you're an iOS user, Rate and Review each version - as Apple hides past reviews.
  • Tell the world Tell your friends and then check up on them (there's a cloud app that will help with that in the future).

Experts / Coaches / Gurus / Mentors

Nomie is a great way to help guide your students and keep them honest. I offer private Cloud Apps that allow you to monitor a subset of your students data, while still giving them complete privacy. Send me a message to learn more.


Nomie 1.5.2 for iOS
Nomie 1.5.2 for Android