Nomie Syncing / Backup with @IBMCloudant

Since Nomie is offline - it was important to ensure those who wanted their data accessible and "in the cloud" were able to do so - enter the wonderful CouchDB.

What's this mean? Nomie can sync your data to any remote CouchDB server - like IBM's Cloudant - which offers a nice free tier.

Why use syncing in Nomie?

  1. Real-time backup - no need for Dropbox if you're syncing your data to Cloudant. Lose your phone? Just connect your new Nomie to Cloudant and syncing eventfully all your data will be back.
  2. Sync between multiple devices - have the same Nomie data available on both your Tablet and your Phone.


  1. Nomie for iOS or Android
  2. Cloudant Account

1. Get a Account

* The average Nomie user should fall within Cloudant's free tier - but it's up to you to make sure.

2. Enable CORS for All Domains

There's only one step to get Cloudant ready for your Nomie data, and that's to allow any domain to request authenticated access.

  1. Click account
  2. Click the CORS tab
  3. Click the All Domains (*) radio button.


3. Login to Cloudant inside of Nomie

  1. Tap the More tab (last tab on the right)
  2. Tap CouchDB Syncing
  3. Make sure USE HTTPS is selected
  4. Host is {username}

4. Enable Syncing

Toggle the toggle switch to kick off syncing. Depending on how long you have been using Nomie this process can take a very long time to finish - fortunately it runs in the background and you can continue to use Nomie like you normally do.

5. See your data

Nomie automatically creates the needed database tables, which you can now see in your Cloudant dashboard. Make change here, they will make their way to your device. Make changes to your device, they will make their way to Cloudant. It's pretty sweet - and you're fully in control.