nomie sounds like "Know Me", and 5 other answers

I'm not a very good marketer, in fact, I'm often too embarrassed to even talk to other people about nomie (unless I'm having a super-up day). This leads to many people not understanding very basic things that I take for granted. Here are 6 answers to the most common Nomie questions.

  1. nomie is pronounced "Know Me". "nomie's my homie".
  2. nomie personified is a perplexed blue elephant, based on The Elephant and the Rider metaphor from Jonathan Haidt's The Happiness Hypothesis.
  3. You can track ANYTHING YOU WANT - just create a custom tracker.
  4. You own your Data, nomie is offline, no accounts, complete privacy.
  5. There's no right way to use nomie. When any Nomieer start explaining how they use nomie, they all start by explaining how they not the normal user.
  6. You can start tracking with nomie for free on iOS and Android right now