Nomie Pro is finally ready

Get Nomie Pro for Android or Nomie Pro for iOS

About 4 months ago I started working on Nomie 1.5.3, fixing a few bugs here and there while maintaining a good trajectory for a fast release date. Then I fell down what appeared to be a never ending rabbit hole, after following a single non-important bug related to importing data.

Each time I thought I figured it out, a new layer emerged - eventually it became clear, I needed to rewrite how Nomie handles data. 4 months later, and countless upgrades, updates and removal of features - Nomie Pro was finished.

Why a new App?

I opted for creating a new app so those with older devices can still use Nomie Classic, while more modern versions of iOS and Android get Nomie Pro. This split was also needed, truthfully, because I was too afraid of losing user data by writing a fairly invasive migration. P.S. The app is, and will always be, free.

Importing Nomie Classic data

Setup Dropbox (in the more tab) and export your data. Open Nomie Pro, setup Dropbox and select Restore from Backup.

What's new?

Updated UI - of course

I can't help myself.

New Tracker Type! The Timer

One of the most requested tracker Types is a Timer, and now it's finally here! Simply tap to start, tap to stop.

Cloud App Improvements

Cloud Apps are web services that can monitor tracker data that the user specifically allows. This allows users to expand their use of Nomie while still having control over their data.

  • Weather Tracker - this new cloud app makes it incredibly easy to track the current temperature and humidity for your current location.
  • Nomie News - If you want to stay up on the latest happenings, make sure to add the new Nomie News Cloud App. (P.S. Messages have been completely removed from Nomie Pro).
  • Pushing Data - Cloud Apps can now push data to Nomie.

Nomie API

Track with a URL! Create a note each time you post to Instagram, or create a digest of your entire day's social activity and post a nightly note. The Nomie API makes this all possible. Note the API is a yearly subscription fee of $9.99 USD. Signup at


All of your boards are now easily accessible tabs. Also, the ALL board has been removed.


What's been axed?

I used this upgrade as a chance to remove some older code, features and things that just weren't working right. The two biggest are:

  • Reminders - Reminders were buggy and really hit or miss. Instead I'm going to work on a Reminders Cloud App that can be much more specific to the individual use case.
  • Messages - Like reminders, messages was buggy and hit or miss. I've completely removed all messaging from Nomie Pro - if you want to stay up-to-date on the latest you should now install the Nomie News cloud app.