Nomie Lab Developer Preview

I'm excited to announce the developer preview of Nomie Lab - a free, decentralized, community driven application to analyze, research and explore Nomie data privately.

Not a developer? Wait until a native app is ready, is this still highly experimental.

Nomie Lab Goals

  • "Native" app for Windows, Linux and Mac using Electron.
  • Custom module installation. e.g. NomieLab module install dear-diary and via the application
  • Runs on top of Node to expand analysis outside of the browser, and even javascript.
  • Fully documented to allow other developers to quickly build cool ways of interacting with your data.
  • No Cloud or Accounts required

What currently works

  • Available Modules

    • When I Do... - The basic correlative view between trackers.
    • Dear Diary - A simple way to explore your notes and hash tags.
    • Map Me - A visual map and timeline to show you when and where you did what you did.
  • Adding / Saving the following datasource types:

    • Nomie Dropbox Backup file
    • NomieSync CouchDB w/ real-time data access
    • CSV Export - (up-coming 1.1 CSV export format).


Currently this has only been tested on a Mac, and so far no Windows users have been successful. Proceed with caution. If you happen to be good with Windows and NodeJS, join the collaboration at !

Requires: Node & Bower

git clone  
cd nomielab  
bower install  
npm install  
gulp serve