Nomie as of April 2015

What's Nomie? Single tap to track any aspect of your life. Available for iOS and Android, currently in closed beta.

Nomie beta users, we have some good news and bad news: 0.9.8 is in full steam but will only be available on iOS. Android will come back in to the dev cycle at 0.9.9 - and we're going to release Nomie to the wild once 1.0 is reached.

Whats coming in Nomie 0.9.8


It's only taken me 6 months to get a comparison solution that was fast enough and usable enough to push out. Possibly one of the most important features of Nomie is the ability to see how different aspects of your life relates to one another, and now you can.

Nomie's Best Guess

I track over 100 things with Nomie and wanted access to the trackers I most frequently use. Nomie can now "Guess" what trackers you're most likely need any given time.


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