Nomie 10008 Update. We've got tabs!

Sorry for the double update - this was due to the Library being completely broken on 10007.

What's in this build?

  • Invite Only - Moving forward, Nomie will be Invite Only. I'll expand on this decision in a later post.
  • TABS - I've decided to drop the sliding hamburger menu for the cleaner and simpler approach of tabs.
  • Accidental Taps, No More - Often when bringing up the tracker options box (pressing and holding on a tracker button) an accidental click would be recorded. This should no longer happen.
  • New Notes Interface - Notes have been cleaned up and improved.
  • UI Improvements - Worked on improving overall consistency - this will be a long process.


How to change Groups

To switch groups, tap the Nomie logo at the top of the screen.

Access "Research / Compare"

You can now access the research view by pressing and holding on a tracker button, and selecting "Compare".

Fixing Things!

The trusty old Fix Things button has been moved to the Settings tab

Inviting Friends

Any Nomie user can now Invite a friend to use Nomie. To access the daily "invite code" go to the Settings tab, and tap "Invites & Tracker Codes".