Nomie 0.9.5 Release Notes

Great googly moogly - Nomie 0.9.5 is finally released. Please read over the notes and known issues.

Nomie 0.9.5

New Notes

Notes have been completely rewritten to be much more integrated.

  • Editable notes!
  • Notes are now a separate tab in the Activity Log
  • Hashtags should be working
  • UI improvements

Nomie 0.9.5 Notes View

Nomie 0.9.5 Notes Tags

New Activity Log

Like Notes, the Activity Log view has been revamped. It now includes a map view, note view and can be filtered by positive, negative or neutral events.

Nomie 0.9.5 Activity Log

Known Issues:

  1. Group List becomes empty - like the god forsaken disappearing trackers bug, the group list can do the same. Click "Fix Things" to fix it.
  2. DISAPPEARING TRACKERS! This bug apparently never left. Click "Fix things" to fix things.
  3. Exporting CSV on Android isn't working properly
  4. Exporting of Notes isn't working properly
  5. Scrolling of notes in Android is painful slow.
  6. Maps do not retain "filter" between days
  7. iOS bug when manually selecting a date in the Activity Log section. After selecting a date, the menu bar can get jacked.