Nomie 0.9.4 Release Notes

I was able to score 8 hours of development on Nomie this weekend - not as much as I hoped, but it is what it is. Maybe sometime soon, I'll be able to work full time on Nomie.

0.9.4 Fixes:

  • Export to CSV: New options include email, dropbox and more. Plus it works on Android - again.
  • Blank Tracker Page: I'm unable to consistently reproduce this bug, but I've added a slight delay on the loading that might help. Please let me know if the problem continues.
  • UI Cleanup Settings, Alert Boxes and more.
  • Notes Notes will now have the correct time during exports (from this point on, not retroactively)
  • New Library - kind of - Currently the same content exists but the library is now being pulled dynamically from Nomie Cloud and will be updated more frequently.

Should be released Monday or Tuesday (Feb 23, 24th)