Introducing Nomie Beta 2

Note: This post is REALLY outdated. Go here to see the latest on nomie.

After 4 months of late night coding sprees, I'm excited to say that Nomie Beta 2 is baked and ready to ship. This is a big release and took at least 2 years off my life — but it was totally worth it. I've been using Nomie Beta 2 as my daily driver for more than a month, and its stable.

Unlike with Beta 1, I no longer worry if a click was recorded, or stress about not being connected online, or worrying that some stranger is storing my highly personal data in an "invisible cloud". No, this version — this version just works. It's all offline, its fast and... it will only improve from here.

As always - if you run into any problems hit me up at [email protected] Sincerely, @BrandonCorbin

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One-Click Life Journaling

Nomie was designed specifically to make tracking insanely fast. Launch the app, click the icon, move on with your day.

Create your own trackers

The core principal of Nomie is built around you, not what some company thinks you should be tracking. You're 100% in the drivers seat. Want to track each time you sneeze? No problem! Need to track each time your pet hamster gets a cold? Uh, sure ok you can do that too!

Journaling just got 1,000 times easier

Self monitoring / journaling has been shown to decrease depression. Journaling? Ain't no body got time for that!

Not only does Nomie make daily introspective journaling easy, it also gives you a clear view into the activities and thoughts of any day of your life — really quickly. Seriously, when was the last time you looked back at your real-world journal? That's right, never.

Look objectively at yourself.

Positivity scores for the last 14 days, blue represents your positive actions, red your negative actions.

Tracker Specific Analytics

Geo Location

Nomie can optionally (in Settings) track your current location each time you click a tracker. This data is available in syncing and cvs export. A UI for this data will be coming in future versions.

You're in control of your data

Nomie no longer requires an account. Your data is now 100% on our device and you have the option to sync your data to your own server.

For those of you who are hyper vigilant about ensuring our data's safety (and who are a bit techie) can setup real-time syncing with any CouchDB (or CouchDB Compliant) server. Read more about setting up a Nomie Syncing server.

Known Issues

  • Occasionally tracker ticks for the day get out of whack. Current fix: Click the "fix things" button in the slide out menu.
  • Syncing takes time on large data sets. Yes, yes it does - have patience.
  • UI Sluggishness for a screen with a lot of trackers. Fix hopefully coming soon.