How I learned to stop stressing about stress.

For the last 14 months I've been tracking various aspects of my emotional state. For this post we'll focus specifically on my monitoring of stress.

My criteria for stress tracking is fairly simple: I record each time I need to separate myself from a situation to cool down.

Here's what I learned. My stress was never as high or as intense as I imagined it, but I continued to perpetuate the belief that I was always stressed. Looking back, I believe this is because when I was stressed, I would see everything (past present and future) through my current stressed filter, which lead to more stress. Without a light at the end of the tunnel, I continued to let my stress compound until I was ready to go nuclear.

Now that I've been tracking with Nomie, I no longer need to hold on to those feelings. I know no matter how stressed I am, it will pass in a few days.

I can say to myself: "Brandon, chill out - go watch Netflix and it will pass in a couple days" and confidently know it it's the truth.

All of this is not to say that Nomie has cured me of all that ails me, it hasn't. It has helped me focus on doing more positive to negate some of my negative, which is a good way to break behavioral cycles. I believe the biggest take away is that I now see my negative experiences as just that - an experience, that I can either engage with and mold, or I can step back and simply observe as it takes its course.

My Stressed Stats

  • Most Consecutive Days I've been Stressed: 4
  • Most Consecutive Days I've NOT been Stressed: 51
  • Day Most likely to be stressed: Wednesday
  • Day least likely to be stressed: Thursday*

*It's worth noting that while Thursday is usually my lowest day of stress, it's the highest for unhappiness (but that's for another post).*

Days Brandon is Stressed

Weekly Stress Levels

Side node: What I've found most engrossing about my negative emotions, is their ability to quickly compound in intensity. Stress bred more stress, just as my depression bred more depression, and anger bred more anger.

If you're interested in understanding, and ultimately controlling, your emotions checkout Nomie. Available for iOS and Android.