Depressed? Track it!

Hi internet, it's Brandon! I wanted to share the different trackers I use to monitor and hack my depressive episodes. Including the trackers I used.

Weight of the world bringing you down? You're not alone — in fact, more than 350 million people struggle with some form of depression worldwide.

Not only does prolonged depression cause devastating impacts on your emotional and physical health, it often leads to our demons consuming all sorts of wonderful drugs and drink in order to mask it's pain. But as we all know, this false clarity only lasts for a while, and overtime wears us down, often to a point of no return.

Personally, I've battled with bouts of depression for 20 years, and while I still do deal with it, I can honestly say it no longer controls me. Instead, I see it as just part of the process. With the awesome times, comes the bad times. The universe deplores a free lunch.

Since using Nomie (well over a year and a half), I've started observing my emotions, my actions and my body. I've started to discover my natural frequency for my moods, which has helped me stopped stressing about being depressed - which in return shortens my "sentence".

Depression Tracking

Things to consider tracking if you struggle with depression.

  • Mood - Following along as your mood ebbs and flows.
  • Anxiousness - Pinpoint the times that cause you to be anxious.
  • Exercise - Simply keep track of how many minutes your active.
  • Sleep - See how your sleep and mood relate.
  • Caffeine - What happens if you stop for a few days?

  • Install Nomie from the AppStore or Google Play