Beta Update: Nomie 0.9 will die soon, long live 1.0

Nomie 0.9 Beta will be going away soon. The final 0.9 version will be released for both iOS and Android July 14th and will expire August 14th.

FOR SERIOUS: If you want your data on Nomie 1.0, read this.

In order to move your data from Nomie 0.9 to Nomie 1.0, you will need to export your data to Dropbox, and then you'll import it to Nomie 1.0. This includes those using Nomie Sync, as 0.9 and 1.0 use a different sync layout.

The Nomie 1.0 Beta program will start sometime before August 14th.

Nomie 1.0

While most of you took my silence as the death of Nomie, the exact opposite is true. I've been banging on this keyboard every waking moment (beyond my full time gig) to make Nomie stable for even the most insane users like myself.

During the last few months I hit multiple limits to 0.9's data model (I'm at 21k events tracked) that required entire rewrites of how data is stored. I'm really happy with 1.0's data structure, but unfortunately it isn't backwards compatible.

1.0 Sneak peak

What's New in 1.0?

  • More Pretty. Lots of small user experience and UI elements tweaked closer to perfection.
  • Dropbox Import and Export.
  • Popular Trackers. Quick access to your most popular trackers.
  • DARK UI to make Patrick Dow happy.
  • New Tracker stats view. More data and much better looking.
  • Can store more than 20,000 events without shitting the bed.
  • Private Mode. Hide all Negative trackers (in case you want to show others)
  • Comparing charts. They work, and you can save your favorite views.
  • FASTER analytics. Most data processing should be much faster.
  • Notes Improvements. Tags work and a new cleaner interface.
  • Sorting at the Group Level. Organize your trackers within each Group.
  • Sync IS NOT LIVE (for now). Live syncing has been turned off for performance and battery life. Syncing only happens when first launching the app or clicking the "Fix This" button.
  • Undo multiple clicks. No more annoying "are you sure?". You can now just click, click, click away those mistakes.
  • New Dashboard Score and Design. You'll now see how your good and bad habits are trending with a single line, no more green and red comparisons.
  • ...and a bunch of other stuff I've since forgotten over the last 3 months.