Announcing Nomie 1.2

Hi friends, it's Brandon! I hope winter has been treating you kindly. I'd like to thank all the current Nomie users for the great reviews, suggestions and ideas. I've used this feedback, and the Indiana winter to bring Nomie one step closer to being the great product I know it eventually will become.

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Nomie was invented out of the need to track my own, often erratic, behaviors and actions. After failing multiple times with manual tracking (spreadsheets and paper) and running the gauntlet of existing "life tracking" apps - I still couldn't find a solution that fulfilled my 4 biggest desires. Those 4 cornerstones were: privacy, insanely fast tracking, custom trackers, and unfettered access to my data. Since nothing satiated my needs, I started building it. The aforementioned solution is now called Nomie, and today I'm announcing version 1.2.

In short, Nomie let's you track, compare and understand anything in your life with one tap of a button. There, now you're caught up!

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Install Nomie for iOS or Install Nomie for Android (free).

Nomie Now Board

Nomie Now is a new dynamic board that shows trackers you commonly use during the current time of the day.

Deeper Visual Analysis

Improved Search

Improved Create Tracker

Editable Events

Forget to track something? No problem! Record like normal then press and hold the tracker, select "Edit Last Event" - you can edit the time, day, value and location.

Attach a Note to an Event

Improved Dashboard View

Recent Values & Dynamic Positivity

Number Input Trackers display the most recent values used. Making it super fast for commonly repeated values. Additionally, Slider Trackers now have an option to dynamically set the events positivity based on the value of the slide.

Everything else

  • Editable Values
  • Improved Notes Design
  • Improved History View
  • You can now attach a note to an event (long press a tracker for the option)
  • New dropbox integration. Dropbox will now use a single file for backing up per device.
  • Daily Notification Reminders
  • Groups are now called Boards

That's it for now! If you made it to the end thank you and make sure to use Nomie Code NM22 to get 5 additional tracker slots.