1.5.3 is now 2.0!

UPDATE: 1.5.3 has turned into a massive release and, as pointed out by the powerful Joe Rocklin, calling it 1.5.3 was downright silly. So I'm happy to say that the next version will be Nomie 2.0b

This version has required me to dig down into the bowels of Nomie to rework code I haven't seen in 2 years. Rethinking and designing how Nomie fundamentally stores data, boots and even functions.

I'm sorry for no videos, podcasts or tweets - this version has damn near been the death of me, but I really think you're going to love it. You can follow along on https://instagram.com/nomieapp or https://reddit.com/r/nomie.

ETA: I'm hoping to target a beta release in 2 or 3 weeks.